Welcome to Wire Wrap Wonders! About 6 months ago, I was approached at a show by a visitor who had brought an antique pearl necklace with her for me to look at. Now I am not an appraiser of antique jewelry but what she really wanted to know was more about the pearls — how they are created, where are they grow, and how to take care of them so she could pass them on to her granddaughter in the same clean condition that she had received them years ago.

Some of those questions I was able to answer. Some I couldn’t. That visit got me to thinking. Since I love pearls myself, I decided once the show was finished that I would do some research. Having done that, I wanted to share what I learned with all my friends and customers. The result: A special report entitled: The Pearl — Mother Nature’s Ocean Gem. 

Stay tuned to find out how you can have a free copy of this special report.