About Me

Patti at work

I was born and brought up in Vermont and have spent most of my life here, the exceptions being 6 months in India after I graduated from the University of Vermont and almost 3 years in Germany back in the early 1980s. And the majority of my professional career, I have been self employed in various businesses, including technical writing, desktop publishing, computer consulting and training, and lately as a home-based travel agent for the last 17 years.

All this time, I have always had a passion for beautiful stones, both semi-precious and precious. About 5 years ago I decided it was time to do something new, something I’ve been dreaming of for decades. The result is what you see here — a lifetime desire to create art by combining my love for natural stones and gems with a passion for unique pieces of jewelry, and to share that art with others.

All of the pieces here are created with either sterling silver or 14 Kt gold filled wire. Each piece is unique, so when you purchase one of these, you will not find anyone else with the same design — sometimes similar, but never exactly the same. And the materials used are described in the individual listings — mainly natural gemstones, with some glass and porcelain pieces added into the mix.

If you see something you like but you want a different color or stone, I do custom work. If you have a stone of your own that you would like me to personalize for you, I can do that too.

Most weekdays, you will find me in my studio, creating my art or trying out a new design.

You can contact me at patti@wirewrapwonders.com or phone me directly at 802-372-5741. I look forward to hearing from you.